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T-Shirt Quilt // Memory Quilt

T-Shirt Quilt // Memory Quilt

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PLEASE EMAIL vermontcraftmom@gmail.com to purchase! Items is listed as sold out so we can be sure to communicate BEFORE you actually make your purchase.

***You will be responsible for shipping your shirts to me and paying for that shipping. I will be responsible for shipping the finished product back to you and I will pay for the shipping of the final product. (Locals, we can also meet up)***

Your shirts (t-shirts, button down, polo, etc.) will be turned into a quilt to last a lifetime. We take special measures to create a durable body to the quilt, while the exterior will be soft and cozy for you.

Prices are for simple 10" squares as shown in the example listing photos. More intricate designs mean more expensive quilts. Exceptions include taking front breast pocket sizes images and turning 4 into 1 10" square. 

60" Square is 5x5 quilt blocks

60"x 72" is 5x6 quilt blocks

72" Square 6x6 quilt blocks

72"x84" 6x7 quilt blocks

Turnaround time varies and will be discussed before purchase. Estimated 2 months. Shipping cost back to you is included in the price.